Emergency Guaranteed Ride Home Program

A lot of people like the idea of leaving their car at home and traveling to work another way, but they worry about being stranded without a car.  “How will I get home if I have to work late? What if there’s an emergency in my family?”

Don’t worry, we’ll reimburse you up to $60 for the expense of taking a cab or renting a car to get home.

How Do I Register?

If you live or work in Monterey County and use an alternative mode of transportation to get to work at least once a week you are eligible to participate in the Emergency Guaranteed Ride Home program (EGRH). To register:

1. Download an application by clicking here.
2. Fill out Side One of the application form and have your Human Resoures Manager or employee transportation coordinator complete SideTwo.
3. Fax or mail it back to us.
4. We will follow-up and send your Human Resource Manager program materials.

When an Emergency Happens

If an eligible condition (described below) exists:
1. Call to arrange for a cab or rental car and go home. Ask for a receipt.
2. On your next working day, have your supervisor sign the EGRH reimbursement request form.
3. Return the EGRH reimbursement request form along with a copy of the receipt to Commute Alternatives.
4. Your reimbursement of up to $60 will be mailed to you within two weeks

When to Use This Service

Once registered you can useCommuteAlternatives’ Emergency Guaranteed Ride Home up to once a month under the following circumstances:

A serious problem arises at your child’s school or day care center.
You or a family member are sick or have a personal crisis and you can’t wait for your normal ride home.
Your home or property is damaged by burglary, fire, etc.
Your ridesharing partner has an emergency and you have no way to get home.
- You miss your regular ride home because you must unexpectedly work past normal quitting time at the request of your supervisor.

- Your bicycle breaks down more than two miles from home.

A Few No-Nos

 You may NOT use the Emergency Guaranteed Ride Home for the following reasons:
Personal errands
Medical or dental appointments
Business travel
- Job related injuries
A natural disaster
Missed ride home 
Other reasons that may be deemed invalid use of the program, as determined by the program administrator



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