Carpooling saves money, contributes to cleaner air through reducing vehicle emissions, and reduces the stress of commuting to work. Get one or two people together- family, friends, neighbors, corworks - to begin traveling sustainably. Commute Alternatives can assist you in finding a carpool match if you need help. Call us at 831-422-POOL and we can provide you with an online list of people with similar commutes who are also interested in ridesharing. You can also use our FREE online 511 RideMatch Services to find a carpool partner.





Contact everyone on your matchlist

Once you've registered with the ridematching service, you'll be able to instantly access lists of people who live and work near you and have similar work hours.


Get to know your carpool partner

 Talk on the phone or meet at a neutral place, like a local café. It will give you a chance to discuss your carpool arrangements and may help you feel more comfortable with one another.


Cover the basics

- How often will you carpool?
- Who has a vehicle?
- Who will do the driving and on which days?
- Do all the drivers have full insurance coverage?
- Where will you meet?
       TIP: You could meet at home or at one of Monterey County’s Park and Ride Lots - When will you meet?        TIP:  CHeck if your carpool partners have some flexibility in their work schedules.
- How is payment divided?
       TIP: If each carpooler drives equally, then often cost is not an issue. But if one person does the majority of the driving, passengers usually contribute to the cost of gas. Figure out driving costs with the Commute Calculator.


Establish "Rules of the Road"

Agree on some basic rules such as:
- Food/coffee
- Smoking
- Radio choices
- How long drivers will wait for delays
- Who will pay and how much
- Who is notified if someone is sick


Give it a Trial Run  

Try carpooling for one or two months first to see how well it works and if you and your partner are a good match.  



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